Samsung Wave 3

Samsung Wave 3

I am a Wave-1 User since 2010. This phone have both advantages and disadvantages.

1. Powerful and Beautiful SUPER AMOLED Display. Any other Cellphone cant beat it’s display clarity. Galaxy-S2 have a comparable display.
2. The Bada OS is very user-friendly and simple.
3. The device have a powerful Processor.
4. Battery Backup is better when comparing with similar smartphones.

1. The Bada OS is not perfect and has bugs and issues.
2. Samsung is not providing enough support (‘upgrades’ or fixes) to this OS. They are releasing new versions once in two years or so. This was the major disadvantage.
3. Still the Bada OS does not support VoIP Calls. What to do with this??

A user cant ignore these negatives (#2 and #3) as these are the minimum expectations from a Smart Phone OS. So we cant say that this is perfect Smart Phone and can’t compare this with Android Phones of iPhones.


About medo312

my name is Ahmed Mahmoud and i love blogging and interested in operating systems, whether on the computer or phones in general , hope you like my blog and I welcome any suggestions

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