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Facebook Introduces Poke app

A few days ago Facebook released its 5th iOS app: Facebook Poke. The new app allows users to “poke” their friends with messages, pictures, and videos  that self-destruct after a certain period of time. Once the message is viewed for the amount of time set, it disappears and is not retrievable by either person.

This app clearly copies Snapchat, the original self-distructing picture messaging app that has become extremely popular in the past few months. Facebook is attempting to capture  the extremely lucrative market of young people that send hundreds of picture messages daily. In my opinion, Facebook is well positioned to compete with Snapchat. However Facebook has alot of catch up to do in order to make their new app as popular and as well liked as Snapchat.

How do you like Facebook Poke? Let me know in a comment!

GALAXY Note – Introducing Premium Suite with Ice Cream Sandwich

Software upgrade for GALAXY Note offers exclusive S Pen optimized applications, enhanced multimedia features and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

S Note, an unique tool that combines your notes and sketches with other digital content, giving you a new way to create your own stories. Also includes innovative shape- and formula-match functions, instant digitization of tables and grids, and knowledge search engines.

Along with a new look and feel, the Ice Cream Sandwich update provides a more intuitive user interface, faster performance, Face Unlock, Snapshot, Photo Editor and other features.

Samsung Wave 3 Official Live Demo – bada 2.0

Samsung Wave 3 (GT-S8600) with bada 2.0 official live demo

Samsung Wave 3

Samsung Wave 3

I am a Wave-1 User since 2010. This phone have both advantages and disadvantages.

1. Powerful and Beautiful SUPER AMOLED Display. Any other Cellphone cant beat it’s display clarity. Galaxy-S2 have a comparable display.
2. The Bada OS is very user-friendly and simple.
3. The device have a powerful Processor.
4. Battery Backup is better when comparing with similar smartphones.

1. The Bada OS is not perfect and has bugs and issues.
2. Samsung is not providing enough support (‘upgrades’ or fixes) to this OS. They are releasing new versions once in two years or so. This was the major disadvantage.
3. Still the Bada OS does not support VoIP Calls. What to do with this??

A user cant ignore these negatives (#2 and #3) as these are the minimum expectations from a Smart Phone OS. So we cant say that this is perfect Smart Phone and can’t compare this with Android Phones of iPhones.

ROU UI-ICSlock V.2

ROU UI-ICSlock V.2by ~mutiia

this is ROU UI-ICS theme for your new Widgetlocker

this theme using image from ROU MIUI LS by timmy16744 [link] credit goes to him and cryshop for ROU UI Concept link
i just themed lil bit

download V.1 here link

download V.2 here link

Enjoy and dont forget to comment and fav


Awakeningby ~mzmz83

Phone: Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
ROM: CM7 Ginger DX v22 – Android
Go Launcher EX
Go Locker
Walls: [link] , [link] , link
Icons: link

Glass Banner MusicMod Theme

Glass Banner MusicMod Themeby ~morgynbrytt

The music mod theme from my “My Motto” setup

Download link

Hope u all enjoy

Cryptic MusicMod Theme

Heres another one… ;P
Cryptic theme for musicmod, ported from Ecoute

Download  link

Thanks to chancellor for the original Ecoute skin link and for permission to port.

Also thanks to kgill7 for letting me mod his BeatsByDre MusicMod

maintain low tones

SGS2 running MIUI 2.3.2


Slider by vukandric link

Weather is 9s-Weather (Advance) link

Wallpaper by 8HellKeeper8 link


Wallpaper by itnsltwn link

 ( Icons are from theme manager (  Claire

Clock also from theme manager

Music mod by Goddbody link