Facebook Introduces Poke app

A few days ago Facebook released its 5th iOS app: Facebook Poke. The new app allows users to “poke” their friends with messages, pictures, and videos  that self-destruct after a certain period of time. Once the message is viewed for the amount of time set, it disappears and is not retrievable by either person.

This app clearly copies Snapchat, the original self-distructing picture messaging app that has become extremely popular in the past few months. Facebook is attempting to capture  the extremely lucrative market of young people that send hundreds of picture messages daily. In my opinion, Facebook is well positioned to compete with Snapchat. However Facebook has alot of catch up to do in order to make their new app as popular and as well liked as Snapchat.

How do you like Facebook Poke? Let me know in a comment!


About medo312

my name is Ahmed Mahmoud and i love blogging and interested in operating systems, whether on the computer or phones in general , hope you like my blog and I welcome any suggestions

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