Device Locked WL Theme by KGILL77

by: kgill77

I present to you my, Deviced Locked-WidgetLocker Sense Slider!
I know it not as great as the new ICS LS Themes for WL, but i still wanted to release this to everyone!


Banner mClocks

Banner clocks for mClock
Featured here
There are 7 different clocks included in the zip and ive also included several fonts.
morgynbrytt: Wallsby


Hope you guys enjoy!

*2 of the banner images are from a psd..thanks to the creator.

Nokia 808 PureView 41 megapixel cameraphone demo – The new Nokia 808 PureView launched at Mobile World Congress 2012 features an incredible 41 megapixel sensor that gives the Symbian smartphone’s the ability to shoot 38 and 34 megapixel stills as well as the more pedestrian 5 and 8 megapixel versions we’re used to. But all that resolution affords the 808 the ability to do incredible zooming in stills, and even when recording 1080p HD video, with out image quality degradation. More info: ht­hone-hands-on

HTC One X – First look

Extraordinary quad-core power gives you lightning-fast web browsing, remarkable picture quality and hyper-realistic gaming effects — all on a giant, 4.7-inch HD screen. Then there’s the amazing camera that captures every moment with crisp, vivid, beautiful photos.

Xperia™ sola – Get entertained with a sense of magic 3D view

Watch anything you want, anywhere you like. Highlight web links without touching the screen with floating touch™. Just like magic. Or click on a flick from Video Unlimited for blockbuster movies in super-high quality on the razor sharp Reality Display. Time for change? Touch a SmartTag and all your settings are fine tuned to where you are: car, home, office. Seen a scene? Capture it in the blink of a lens with the 5 MP HD camera. Life in a snap you might say.

Lights and Water

Uploaded by  on Jun 21, 2010

This video is intended to show something beautiful in life that happens without us noticing. The rain that passes before us changes and distorts our view. The water washing the light away and leaving the calmness of something simple.
This video was taken at 5am on a rainy San Francisco morning from my truck as I drove around looking for something beautiful. It was right in front of my eyes. This is something that I hold dear like memories from my childhood.

Fancy Widgets & skins

Fancy Widgets & skins

Fancy Widgets & skins

من البرامج المميزة لعرض الطقس والوقت وهو بالفعل برنامج له اسمه فى عالم الأندرويد

Fancy Widgets & skins Fancy Widgets & skins


لتحميل Fancy widget custom skins, Dusk Elegance

Fancy Widgets & skins

بعد التحميل فك ضغط الملف ويتم وضعه فى المسار التالى حتى تجده فى قائمة clock skin :

android – data – Fancy Widgets – clockskins

صور من جهازى :

Fancy Widgets & skins 

Fancy Widgets & skins

City Go Launcher EX Locker

City Go Launcher EX Locker

ثيم جديد لقفل الشاشة go locker 

8mNU2r61reBqkXAFpX7mxAHbrvQib4hicbzKzsWDs2RckybnUZzd1HCLBlAjfPqX rwA

JEOgPS38jfHHUhFkzJPw75M7cGP4F6rISP nGoN Bv3plQXNKBuw6 bhaQC4qwKbk2o 

للتحميل من الماركت